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Useful Maintenance Tips for an Exercise Mat

Be it a yoga session, pilates, part of classes, or a pre and post-workout stretching; our exercise matis a constant element of our daily workouts. It is like our silent workout friend, something that we even refuse to share with others. It withstands challenging postures on unfamiliar floors and is then rolled again and stowed away until further use. Here are some of the useful tips to take care of the mat.

  1. Let it breathe

After completing the exercise, you sweat a lot, and you have most likely tossed it on the back seat of your car as soon as the workout is over. It is essential to unroll and let it hang in some fresh air to get rid of any moisture. Always note that prolonged exposure to the harsh sun can cut down the life of the mat, so store it in a cool place.

  1. Use both the sides

You must know that there's a reason the mat has both sides, and you should use them both to make sure that one side doesn't face tear and wear, and the pressure is divided evenly.

  1. Wash it

If you use mat often, it is advised to wash it twice or thrice a month. But don’t expose to harsh chemicals or wash it in your machine wash cycle. Instead, dilute a mild detergent and soak it in warm water briefly. Then use a cloth to clean it and then finally rinse it off with water.

  1. Keep it free from soil

Try to wipe your feet off dirt or soil before stepping on the exercise mat. Even if you are using the mat indoors, wipe off your feet with a tissue to prevent dust coming to your mat.

  1. Avoid sharing with others

Never share your mat with others as it increases the chances of spreading germs and bacteria. You might also get infected with cold and flu and contagious skin diseases.

Bottom Line

Before buying an exercise mat, make sure to check the material and quality. They are available in PVC, rubber, cotton, and jute. Choose the one with better gripping quality. Invest in a good quality mat.

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