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Understanding the Technical Aspects of Punching Bags

The punching bag is cylindrical in shape generally filled inside with materials that could range from sand to cotton to grains to rags, air to water. As the name suggests they are meant to be stuck by punches. To facilitate repeated punching and striking by hands, these bags are typically suspended from the ceiling using bungee cords. Buy the punching bag for sale in Singapore if you wish to take advantage of discounted rates.

One of the most important things about the punching bag is that they need to be made from a sturdy and robust material so that they are able to handle all sorts of abuse physically in the form of punches and blows without giving up.

Benefits of the punching bag – Two things that are improved when one works out with the punching bag are – the hand to eye coordination and footwork.

Types of punching bags

Before you go online to buy a punching bag for sale in Singapore, you should have full knowledge about different types of punching bags that are available in the market and the benefits of using each type.

  • Speed bags are punching bags that are filled with air and usually made up of leather. They help the person to work on his hand-eye coordination. It also increases the footwork of the person exercising as he shifts his body weight between both feet.
  • Large speed bags are slower in movement and because of their size, they require more force to move. It is typically used for the person to work on his endurance levels.
  • Smaller speed bags, on the other hand are meant for the person to develop his speed and coordination. Get yourself a punching bag for sale in Singapore to practice at home.
  • Floor-to-ceiling punching bags are like speed bags but they are attached to a cable that is hooked onto the ceiling as well as the floor. Besides, helping the striker to work on his footwork and coordination, this type of punching bag also trains the person on how to dodge and swerve when the bag comes onto the person when stuck.


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