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A Detailed Guide For Buying The Best Treadmill For Home Workout

Did you know that aside from jogging or running, there are plenty of other exercises—such as walking lunges and planks—that you can do on a treadmill? However, you can only safely and effectively do them if you have the best treadmill for a home in Singapore. Here's a guide to help you find the right treadmill in the market.


Research on home treadmill prices:


Budget is often the top consideration when buying a treadmill or any fitness machine. In order to set a realistic budget, you have to do some research on the current prices of treadmills. Your goal should be to get the highest quality treadmill that’s within your limits.


Measure the track size:


The size of the track is an important factor to consider because it will affect your comfort level while running. Look for a track that is long enough for your height. Generally, treadmills have a track length of 55 inches to 60 inches. But if you are someone who is taller than average or a runner with longer strides, then you will need a longer track than the standard.


Consider the motor power or horsepower:


If the whole family will be using the treadmill, then you will need a unit with more horsepower. If you will be the only one using this machine and will run on it occasionally, then having a unit with 2.0 CHP should be enough. How much horsepower you need will heavily depend on how often you expect to use your treadmill. Runners often opt for models with 3.0 CHP or higher because they exercise regularly at high intensities.


Look for special features:

At one point or another, you will surely outgrow your treadmill. Perhaps, it's the reason why you are looking to buy a new one now. That's why the best treadmills for homes in Singapore are those that will grow with you—those that are packed with important features that will make running safer, more comfortable, and more fun. Some have heart monitors, running programs, and inclines. Others can even be connected to apps and websites.

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