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How to Get Strong, Build Muscle, and Lose Fast with Only a Barbell Set

If you don’t have the budget to a home gym and other expensive gym equipment, you can still get a good workout with an inexpensive, old-fashioned barbell set. You don’t have to spend much money at all—you just need to know what exercise routines to do and how to utilize barbell sets in proper form to build your muscles and lose fat.


Losing fat and building muscle can be very difficult to do simultaneously. But with the right training plan, proper style of exercise, good nutrition and diet, and consistent dedication, you can both gain strong muscles and lose unwanted fat at the same time.  Here are some of the barbell exercises that you can do to achieve that:



Squats are effective exercises that you can do to target various muscles of the body including the trapezius, legs, posterior part of the shoulders, hips, and thighs.


With the barbell on your shoulders, go down slowly with your knees bent and back straight. Be careful not to put stress on the lower back. Instead, flex from the hip to protect your spine. Imagine yourself sitting on a chair with thighs parallel to the floor.


Biceps Curls

This exercise is focused on developing muscle mass on your upper arms. While standing up, shoulder squared to the ground and knees slightly bent, lift the barbell with palms facing up. Flex at the elbow joint. Avoid swinging your arms freely to avoid injuries. Reduce weight to have control on the lift and release of the barbell.


Bent-over rows

With feet shoulder with apart and knees bent around 45 degrees, pull the barbell to the sternum while pulling the shoulders toward each other. This exercise targets the back, latissimus dorsi, and the rhomboids.

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